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Autorun Virus Remover – 3.7 MB Direct Link

The fight against the virus Autorun continues, this time with a Dedicated solution Supposed to add a new security layer to your computer.
Baptized Autorun Virus Remover, this new software utility scans both the computer and the removable drives and it not only That Removes the existing infections, but it also immunizes local disks and USB drives.
First-time users will have to follow a simple wizard guides them through That first visit their computer scanning process, make sure the machine and the app Thus helping the removable drives are plugged in are That not infected.
Takes less than 3 minutes The scanning and, if everything goes the right way, you should be ready to open the app even faster than That.
The interface of the app is just classic and lets you either Initiate a scan, analyze the running processes, play a little bit with the settings or fix the system in case you \ ‘re already infected and you wish to repair task manager, regedit, disabled “Folder Options” or exe file associations.
As said, Autorun Virus Remover also comes Dedicated to Immunize tool with a local USB drives and disks, so you just have to pick the drive you want and click apply.
On the other hand, there \ ‘s also a Dedicated to unlock USB devices, disable usage of removable units or writing data to the USB storage devices.
Everything down that road pretty smooth and we Experienced absolutely no issues during our test, but keep in mind Windows 7 users should right-click the executable file to have themselves That the shortcut or the Run as Administrator option and hit monova.org.
Overall, Autorun Virus Remover is one of the most advanced Autorun fighters we \ ‘ve seen until now and in case you \’ re still struggling to deal with this type of infection, this tool should get the job done.
Download instructions:
To download this file you have to add the link generated after adf.ly ad in IDM as a new download task