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Batman The Telltale (2016) Series -Codex- Direct Links

Play Batman The Telltale Series for PC
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Data Release Date: 02/08/2016
Platform Requirements: Windows
Genre: Adventure
Language: ENG
File size: 2.16 GB
About the game:
Batman: The Telltale Series is a multi-part story-driven game with point and click gameplay is to build and publish it now Telltale Games has claimed. Game Batman: The Telltale Series will focus on Bruce Wayne’s personal life and public persona he constantly shift your superhero character [Batman] are and vice versa. As explained Telltale, a story that is offered completely new and previously in comic books, movies or games ever seen. Like the other titles in fiction made by Telltale, you have several choices ahead of yourself. Sometimes you can choose to face Bruce Wayne or Batman issue to resolve. Troy Baker in the role of Bruce Wayne (Joel on The Last of Us and Booker BioShock Infinite) with Laura Bailey in the role of Selina Kyle and Travs Vylyng·hm the role of Harvey Dent including the dubbing experts who are present in this game.
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