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Battlefield: Hardline Full Pc Game – Direct Links

Battlefield : Hardline a first-person shooter video game, developed in collaboration with Visceral Games Electronic Arts EA Digital Illusions CE and to be distributed. The game will be released on October 21, 2014.
Battlefield: Hardline Ltd Plyay different than the old Btlfyld are various modes. Play focuses on police and criminals have been transferred and the military background that had been broken with this series. For example, the main factions in Hardline, especially the police and criminals is the answer. Bazybar military equipment and vehicles will have access. In addition to police equipment such as guns, Taser and handcuffs are also available.

Data Release Date: 11/06/2014
Platform Requirements: PC
Game Type: First-person shooter / action
Type: DVD Full DVD
Language: Eng
File size: 5.52 GB


====Direct Links (1GB PARTS)====

Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 

 Part-5 || Part-6 

Rar password : www.top2download.com
  • Eren Adiacahya

    is it beta vers?

    • No..Full version…
      All games which are present in this site is in full version only..

      • SM

        are you crazy bro? this isn’t the full game. look at the size at least. bf2 was bigger than this. & this is the beta vr for pc that they promised to release.

  • Avirup Roy

    How is it even possible … The release date is of 21 Oct. 2014.. May be U R KIDDING MAN!!!!

  • Avirup Roy

    can it be played online

  • its a beta version ..

  • Avirup Roy

    so can it be played online pls tell me

    • sorry bro.. it can be played only in offline mode.

  • Hezaiku ZX

    Throw away this game . PEACE

  • Narayan Dey

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    And origin ask for activate product

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