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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86/x64 Integrated Sep-2013 incl Updates – Direct Links

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Windows 7 is the latest version of operating system of Microsoft Windows is a series that was released on 22 October 2009. Windows 7 for use on personal computers, including home and office types have been produced. The operating system is the seventh generation of Windows operating systems and Windows 7 have therefore named it.
Items added to the Control Panel including: ClearType, Display Color Calibration Wizard, Gadgets Recovery, Troubleshooting, Workspaces Center, Location and Other Sensors, Credential Manager, Biometric Devices, System Icons, and Display is. Called Windows Security Center has been renamed to Windows Action Center.
This version has features that can support the multi-touch capabilities, Windows Shell Redesigned taskbar, and a network of home groups called the home, and the responsible quoted Microsoft version of the upgrade and optimization of the Windows 7 Vista has been.A key feature of Windows 7:
– Advances in touch and handwriting recognition
– Support for Virtual Hard Disk
– Improved performance on multicore processors and improved operating system kernel
– Added capability to Windows PowerShell
– Redesigned Polyline feature of the calculator with support for Mac The conversion
– Shake the windows
– Measuring Color
– Burn ISO file
– Pin-up program to the Taskbar
– A new security center
– The audio and video files directly to another computer
– Actions sharing network home
– A new way to view audio and video files
– Magnifier New
– Problem Step Recorder
– Edit the notification area
– Better interface on the peripheral devices connected to the computer
– A quick and easy way to set up multiple displays
– A new way of sorting out the windows on the screen
– And …Operating System Windows 7 sold in seven editions. Here we are going to briefly explain the edits and edits appropriate to introduce you.Starter
The most basic version and often Netbook Edition Windows 7 is installed. Windows Sarter editing is minimal compared to other facilities and correspondingly less powerful hardware is needed.
– Limitations: Only three applications can be run simultaneously, the backup manually and only on the local HDD and DVD possible.
– Features that will not include theme called Aero Windows
– Not possible to change the background image and the visual system
– Features that are not supported: NET Framework. And 64-bit
If your system has a weak CPU (at 1 GHz) and 1GB of RAM is recommended you do not use the Windows 7 Starte modified to have a good speed.

Home Basic
This edition is not present in the first world, between the surface and Starter editions, and Home premium is. Given that the number of countries have the right to activate Windows, this version is sold only in places where it is active!
– Features include: Desktop Window Manager, Windows Mobility Center
– Not limited number of programs running
– Facilities that are supported: 64-bit, multi-monitor environment swappable, user replaceable background
– LIMITED: Only part of the Aero theme
You can use the Home Premium edition as an alternative (if your country is officially sold out).

Home Premium
Home, Standard Edition Windows 7 is designed primarily for home users.
– Features include: Windows Aero Theme, Windows Media Center, premium Games
– Facilities that are not limited to: creating and adding to the home
– Amkamaty that are supported: multi-touch
This version has all the features you need for a home user, but still provides a limit is placed on the network and backup system. But these problems can be software side solution.

Windows 7 Professional edition for office environments and is built to provide users with different features of the Home. For example, the backup system is a powerful and System Restore. Also, features like Remote Desktop, supports printers and Mobility Center, along with your computer is to modern life.
– Features include: AppLocker, BitLocker Drive Encryption, Subsystem for Unix-based applications, Multilingual User Interface Pack
– Facilities that are supported: BranchCache Distributed Cache, DirectAccess, Virtual Hard Disk Booting
We advise you to different places you can work with your computer, or want to submit your own reports, you need to connect to other computers via Remote Desktop, desktop or network multiple have management, you can use this edition.

Enterprise disposal is not available for home users. This edition is exclusive to companies that pledge with Microsoft software (SA) are sold. This edition comes with special features that will be provided to the contracting companies. For example, having a license to boot Microsoft operating systems from Microsoft and install any operating system on the virtual system. Microsoft 2020 provides full support for this product.
– Features include: AppLocker, BitLocker Drive Encryption, Subsystem for Unix-based applications, Multilingual User Interface Pack
* Features are supported: BranchCache Distributed Cache, DirectAccess, Virtual Hard Disk Booting
Additional features compared Professional Enterprise is dependent on computers in companies, are running. For example, a system administrator with AppLocker is a program that can help users to access other programs to limit or cut off. Or DiretAccess do you access the network via VPN system is possible.

Ultimate edition of Windows 7 except for one episode, the Enterprise is no difference and that is that Microsoft provides the license and sell this version makes it possible for home users. Upgrade from Home Premium and Enterprise editions of Microsoft Windows Ultimate can be scheduled, it will continue to be supported until 1015.

This is the original Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (32-bit) ISO from Microsoft. Including Last Microsoft updates internet Explorer 10, USB3 and Network Drivers Added.

This release is the best you could find on the net, because it’s just simple:
– NO tweaks or add-ons.
– NO additional programs and software added.
– NO graphics, scripts and wallpapers added or changed.
– It’s just the original image from Microsoft except updates and IE9!


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